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The brief information about

"International Information and Regional Research" Public Union (IIRR)

In today' world, there is a need to prepare and spread of thoroughly, accurate and unbiased information to the  reader and international community, especially what is going on war and conflict zones.

The territories of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenian armed forces in the last 25 years, as well as the events of April showed that, it is necessary to strengthen and win the information war activity.

For this reason,  on the processes taking place in the region and the country, as well as research and analysis on military attacks, preparation of reports on the current situation, for that reason in order to ensure the development of different directions  "International Information and Regional Studies" Public Union was founded on April 20, 2016,  and it was registered by the Ministry of Justice Azerbaijan Republic on June 29, 2016.

The main directions of Public Union are included investigation centers which operates in the world today,  brain structures, to cooperate closely with leading media organizations and fonds, to organize "round table"s  in accordance with the investigation of our country's growing influence in the world according to the region's geopolitical interests, scientific and practical conferences, symposia, forums, as well as to organize international events, to analyze the current situation in various regions in the world, to conduct research about regional security and conflict zones.

Then inform the result to public via media, to organize practice courses with the participation of the world's leading research centers for young researchers, state and non-governmental organizations and cooperation with international organizations, to create information bank for  journalists, to investigate conflict zones in the region, to analyze objective, unbiased analyzes about optimal solutions in current situation and organize special analytical group composed of members of the Union with the purpose of informing this analyzes to the public, to conduct research aimed at ensuring human rights and freedoms in the region and accordingly prepare special reports.

IIRS operate intensively to inform our county's truth voice to public in the worldwide information war and functioning to cooperate with different international organizations in this field.